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Samsung Tablet – Making Spirits Cheery and Bright!

Travels of Samsung ATIV. #IntelTablets. A guest post by Ward Johnson at Intel.

I was born October 26th, 2012 in China , at a Samsung factory at only 1.5 lbs and 12 inches. Back then all I can remember were very bright lights, people seemingly running all around me, and the noise, it never ended, just a constant rumble coming from the factory 24 hours a day.

Shortly thereafter I was packed up with thousands of my siblings and put on an airplane for what felt like a lifetime. It wasn’t until the plane landed that I realized we were in a completely different part of the world. A US Customs Agent was opening boxes, checking something off on paperwork as he went through the entire pallet. I felt luckier than some of my brothers and sisters where that man with Customs broke open the factory seals, poking at this and that inside. My seal was still intact and from everything I’ve heard that is very important once I get to my new owner.

It’s now December, 2012 and the big day is finally here. I’ve been moved from one truck to another, carried by at least ten different people, pushed, bumped, and even dropped from about two feet, but I’m in perfect condition and ready for my new home. I’ll never forget being handed to Ward Johnson, a Manager at Intel. I could tell right away there was going to be a wonderful adventure ahead.

Fortunately for me (and very unlike Ward), when he opened me up and unpacked everything, he read the quick start manual before turning me on. This is important because Samsung does not provide us food before we start our journey, they say it’s done for safety reasons, but I’ve never known any of my siblings to do anything without their owner’s commands or direction.

There is nothing better than your first full charge in life.

My brain is the best out there, and I know it. Some call it Atom Z2760, but I know it as incredibly smart and fast, that’s me. I’ve been totally optimized for Windows 8 and can run both new applications as well as some of my owner’s old ones (he really needs to let go of some of those, Pong is so outdated). And for the fashion oriented, I’m very slim, lightweight and ‘Mystic Blue’ and Ward used a picture of his prized Bonsai plants to customize my background. I will say it pleased me when Chrome became Ward’s browser of choice; it’s one of the best and works perfect on my platform. He also downloaded DropBox, it’s a free app that allows him to store and share files across all his devises and it even allows family and friends to view what he wants to share. DropBox is great when it comes to saving space on my hard drive.

Now I go almost everywhere with my new owner. And he is very proud of me; there isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not the focal point of multiple high energy conversations. I have to tell you, just seeing his face light up and the smiles I bring to him and his friends every time he pulls me out of his backpack. I don’t see why he has to also carry that other, older and might I say kind-of fat laptop thing too, but I get all the excitement when I’m brought out, and works just fine for me.

I’ve now been to three states, two face to face meetings (whatever those are), the Washington County Grand Jury, several dinner parties and one of my more memorable ones, getting to meet his neighbors, but most importantly their kids, whom magnetically latched on to me, and who could so gracefully navigate across my applications. Don’t get me wrong, Ward really likes Skype, the camera, Facebook and others, but I really like all the uninhibited enthusiasm from the kids when they play my on-board games.

It’s been just over one week since my first charge in life. To think that I’ve done all I have so far, and been seen by so many people in so many different places, all on one charge.

This weekend I get to be a recipe book, and help Ward make his annual holiday Chex-mix. I’ll make sure he takes some pictures and gets them posted to Facebook, I only wish I could share the smell s with you, maybe a future enhancement suggestion I’ll send to Samsung.

And today is #TabletTipTuesday, a link on how to create a picture password. #IntelTablets
Samsung Tablet, making spirits bright!



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