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Science Fiction Meets Science Fact: 5 Things to See at Friday Norwescon

Science (et) fiction - 13I’m a ComicCon legacy, been there more times I can count (still have the con’s Chris Bachalo Sandman t-shirt from 1995). But I’ve never been to a sci-fi convention. So I’m excited to hit Norwescon, Seattle in a few hours. Besides being a premier Pacific Northwest con, it’s also where the Philip K. Dick Award is presented to distinguished science fiction published in paperback original form in the United States. One of my favorite authors, Richard K. Morgan, is a Philip K. Dick Award winner (2004 for Altered Carbon).

Fanboy enthusiasm aside, there’s a reason why I, as a representative of Intel, will be there. I’ll be covering Intel Futurist Brian David Johnson on five Norwescon panel discussions tomorrow on subjects ranging from AI, drones, cloud computing, and the Tomorrow Project-Seattle call for submissions.

Science fiction informs science fact, and vice versa. As a futurist, Brian sees science fiction as a way to think about the future. Science fiction stories are about people and the world they live in.

For those who will be at Norwescon, here’s a Friday cheat sheet to five hot panel discussions where Intel will join the dialog with other thought leaders:

1. Are AIs People Too?
When does artificial intelligence become a person?

2. Computers in the Cloud
What is Cloud Computing?

3. The Drone of Remotely Piloted Vehicles
Unmanned aircraft have clearly become more important

4. Designing the Future with Science Fiction
What if science fiction based on science fact to develop new technologies and products?

5. Call for Stories — The Tomorrow Project — Q&A Session
Interested in writing SF based on science fact?

If you’re at Norwescon, let me know what you’ve liked or looking forward to. If you’re not, I’ll be writing more about these thought-provoking ideas for the future, so stay tuned. Now excuse me while I go get my geek on.

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