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Set Yourself up for Success this School Year with an Intel Core-powered Laptop

Are you back at school, but without a computer that can keep up with your everyday needs? Completing research papers, storing and editing photos and videos, surfing online and staying in touch with family and friends via email and various social media channels and video services, streaming your favorite music, playing games and watching movies… So much to do, and that’s just to name a few of the experiences you likely desire from your computer as a student.

So what is the deciding factor in a computer’s performance? Well, it starts with the brain of your computer – that is, the processor. Which 2nd generation Intel Core processor is right for you depends entirely on the type of experience you desire from your computer. Check out the infographics below to help you determine which Intel Core processor you identify with the most to get you the experience you desire from your computer.



THE INTEL CORE i3 USER EXPERIENCE – Where Visibly Smart Performance Begins

THE INTEL CORE i5 USER EXPERIENCE – Visibly Smart Performance with a Boost

THE INTEL CORE i7 USER EXPERIENCE – Visibly Smart Performance at its Best

Want recommendations on specific Intel Core i3-, Intel Core i5-, and Intel Core i7-powered laptops? Check out The Laptop Chooser tool on the website:

Jessica Hansen

About Jessica Hansen

Jessica Hansen joined Intel Sept. 2010 as part of the consumer media relations team within Intel’s Global Communications Group. Jessica is responsible for increasing awareness and preference for Intel and its consumer products, particularly in the area of mobility. She utilizes a variety of offline, online and social media tools to expand the reach of Intel’s consumer messages, connecting Intel to major consumer trends. Prior to joining the Intel team, Jessica served as an agency account lead working with clients in a variety of industries including a focus on technology for a few national and international brands.

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