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Social Film: The Power Inside

2.2 Million people watched episode 1 of the six episode social film, The Power Inside, and the series has garnered over 60M views total. If you’re like me and prefer to watch an entire series in one binge, now is the time to cue these up.

The Power Inside social filmThe Power Inside was directed by Will Speck and Josh Gordon of “Blades of Glory” fame, and stars Harvey Keitel (“Reservoir Dogs”), Craig Roberts (“Submarine”) and Analeigh Tipton (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”).

The film’s plot follows an alien invasion by a race of extraterrestrial mustaches and unibrows called Uricks, who take over the upper lips and eyes of people around the world. The main character is Neil, who together with his friends and with the help of technology discovers his inner strength to defeat the Uricks.

Trust me, you’ll never look at mustaches and uni-brows the same way again!

I’m curious – what time slot are you catching videos? My prime watching hours are now 6:00a.m. as I’m getting ready for work, lunch hour when I’m catching lunch at my desk, or at 7:00 in the evening, instead of a game show or celebrity news. How about you?

Marcia Hansen

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