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Jessica Hansen

LIVE! With Kelly and Michael “Top Teacher Week” Finalists Presented With Intel-powered Devices for Their Classrooms

This week, Intel participated in the fifth annual LIVE! with Kelly and Michael “Top Teacher Week” program which honors teachers across the United States. Educators are nominated by members of their communities who want to recognize their outstanding dedication and … Read more >

Kevin E. Patterson

Science Fair and Square: Presentation Tips for Young Einsteins (And Their Parents!)

Just suppose…hospital cafeterias can be more germ-ridden than kiddie arcades.  Canine saliva doesn’t kill general bacteria.  The “5 second rule” doesn’t apply.  Sleep deprivation eases PTSD.  Spices could help the food industry’s fight against bacteria-related illness.    These were just a few … Read more >

Female Veteran
Eric Mantion

Intel Rolls Out the Red, White and Blue Carpet for Veterans

Intel Blogger and Navy Veteran, Eric Mantion writes about why the new Intel VET (Veteran’s Employment Training) program is great, what the transition from the Military to Civilian worlds is like, and what it is is like working for Intel. Read more >

Jessica Hansen

What do U.S. Teachers Think About Students' Mobile Manners in the Classroom?

According to an Intel “Mobile Etiquette” survey commissioned by Ipsos, nearly all U.S. teachers (94 percent) agree that technology, when used properly, enhances students’ education experience. Three-quarters of teachers (74 percent) agree that with the fast pace of technology today, … Read more >

Jessica Hansen

Intel Partners with Amazon and Wheezy Waiter to Help Schools Across America

Wheezy Waiter (aka video content creator Craig Benzine), one of the most popular video creators on YouTube, created a humorous video that is currently posted to the Amazon.com/Intel PC Store page. If the video secures 200,000 views by Wed., Sept. … Read more >