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Jeff Sass

Our Children's World Is Magical

(This post, originally published at www.dadomatic.com, was inspired by my recent trip to Intel’s Santa Clara Headquarters for their annual “Upgrade Your Life” Experience…) “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic…” – Arthur C. Clarke Of all the wonderful … Read more >

Intel Reader
Jeff Sass

A Digital Reader That Says It All: The Intel Reader

(Note: This post originally appeared at www.dadomatic.com and it has been adjusted slightly for the Inside Scoop) The concept of digital readers or so-called “e-Readers” has certainly hit the mainstream, with the likes of Amazon and Barnes & Noble seemingly … Read more >


Intel Insiders Share Taste for Tech and the Good Things in Life

We brought together our new and returning all-star [Intel Insiders ](http://scoop.intel.com/2010/08/intel-insiders-turn-3.php)on August 18 in New York to kick off year three of the social media advisory program. Here are some highlights: Greetings, hugs and admiration quickly led to flying brain … Read more >