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Technology Rocks: Yes, And You Make the Impossible, Possible

Here at Intel, there are a number of posters that various groups have hung around on cube walls and in conference rooms that are designed to build optimism and help us feel empowered and energetic about the work that we do here. On the way to my desk, I pass a conference room with a poster featuring the following message: “It’s not just what we make. It’s what we make possible.”

Make the Impossible, PossibleSorry for the poor quality of the photo. I didn’t want to climb on a chair and potentially sprain my ankle (again) to get a better shot. I thought this quick pic would be enough for you to get the idea.

Technology helps us make the impossible, possible. Or, another way to state this thought is, “The Processor is an Expression of Human Potential.” Without the processor, we couldn’t do nearly as much as we do every day. We couldn’t give our dreams life and share them with the world. Each one of us uses our processors to express ourselves and do what we do best. All of us have talents to make the impossible, possible in our own ways. What are you doing to make the impossible, possible in your own life and work?

While I’m on this inspiration train, I thought I’d share some links with you of other people who are trying to make the impossible, possible. In case you’re feeling the mid-week blues, or just need a pick-me-up, I hope you find these bits inspirational.

Make the Impossible, Possible (Amazon), a book by Bill Strickland. If you are the type of person who judges a book by its cover or title, pay attention to the sub-title of this one: “One Man’s Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary.” I like to read personal stories like this one. If you want to check it out, it has 4 stars at Amazon, including a positive review by one of the inspiring entrepreneurs I follow on Twitter, Barbara Winter.

Networks are What Make Real Innovation Possible — Here’s a bit of evergreen advice at Forbes, an interview with Andrew Hargadon, written by Terry Waghorn. The money quote: “The particular network of founders, investors, developers, customers and distribution partners is what makes the difference between a good idea that goes nowhere and one that overthrows entire industries.” It’s the network that matters. One of my instructors in college said something along the lines of, she is who she is because of who she hangs with. Because she is a classically inspired musician, she hangs with the likes of Beethoven and Bach. Who is in your network and helps you make the impossible, possible?

Scientists Find Chemical that Could Make Superhealing Possible — It sounds almost like science fiction, but a new chemical discovery supercharges your idle stem cells, and may make it possible for any wounds you get to heal super fast.

What Does This Make Possible? — Can you turn setbacks into advantages? Need a little help in this area? If so, read Michael Hyatt’s post on the subject reframing, or turning bad things that happen into opportunities to look at things differently.

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