Liz Garcia


In college, my laptop was my EVERYTHING! Fortunately, I never lost it, damaged it or participated in my alma mater’s tradition of the “Laptop Laking” where we just toss our laptop into the campus lake in celebration of graduating from college. I figured I was going to still need it after college to update my resume, search for jobs and watch the Big Bang Theory, you know, the important stuff.

There are many, many creative and determined entrepreneurs out there who are using technology to launch their career and pursue their passion whether it be sports, technology, art, fashion, etc. There is a great deal of online resources, a few being The Young Entrepreneur and Forbes, which provide useful articles for professional growth and development for individuals who want to launch their own venture. It is also really inspiring and invaluable to see a community of experienced entrepreneurs sharing their experiences and giving their advice in online blogs or start-up events held across the country.


Intel’s #TechYourDream campaign is focused on providing tech tips to entrepreneurs and students wanting to learn how to balance work and play life. Last Tuesday, October 29th, Co-Founder, CPO and Creative Director of Her Campus, Annie Wang, hosted the first of three twitter chats. Individuals took part in the chat and had an opportunity to win an Ultrabook by tweeting #TechYourDream. Annie did a great job engaging her audience and shed provided her insight on how she used her technology to balance work and play. In the end, participants received some helpful tech tips and advice from Annie Wang herself.


The #TechYourDream campaign continues on as creative fashion blogger, Mariee Denee (@MarieDenee), “The Curvy Fashionista”, hosts the second twitter chat on November 5th at 11 AM PST. Linus Sebastian (@LinusTech) will host the third and final Twitter chat which will take place on November 12th at 11 AM PST.

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