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The "Inside" Experience: Intel and Toshiba Collaborate on Hollywood Social Film

Emmy Rossum (“Shameless,” “Phantom of the Opera”) stars as Christina, a 20-something woman trapped in a room with only a 2nd Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor-powered Toshiba Satellite® P775 series laptop and an untraceable Internet connection.

You can help Christina and participate in this social film in multiple ways.

1. Answer the casting call by posting a short video before 8:00 p.m. today. More details, rules, etc. at The Inside Experience.

2. Watch the videos already submitted to Like and Tweet your favorites (Use #theinsideexperience).

3. Beginning July 25, 2011, you can help Christina figure out where she’s being held and how to escape by posting tips, ideas, and clues after watching each new episode at

Not only is Inside an exciting social innovation in filmmaking, but the project enables you, the viewer, the ability to have an active voice and play a participating role in the film’s outcome.

Blockbuster Hollywood Talent
As mentioned above, the film’s starring role is played by Emmy Rossum (“Shameless,” “Phantom of the Opera,”). It’s directed by D.J Caruso (“Disturbia,” “I Am Number Four,” “Eagle Eye”) and showcases the Oscar-winning cinematography of Mauro Fiore (“Avatar,” “Training Day”).

Intel and Toshiba funded this digital film project, The Inside Experience, that marries big blockbuster filmmaking with social networking. I think it’s exciting and different.

Follow “Inside” at, on Facebook at and on Twitter via @theinsideexp or #theinsideexperience to participate.

For more information on the Toshiba Satellite P775 laptop used in the film, you can check it out at

Marcia Hansen

About Marcia Hansen

Marcia works as a digital storytelling marketing strategist for iQ and the Intel digital newsroom. She joined Intel in July 2010 after her pioneering work in social media at Allstate Insurance. She loves words, movies, photos, and world travel. Marcia holds an M.A. from the University of Missouri where she completed a thesis on digital literacies.

9 Responses to The "Inside" Experience: Intel and Toshiba Collaborate on Hollywood Social Film

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  2. Mark Achile says:

    hello I wanted to know if i was still able to post up a audition?. or is it to late?.
    I love the concept of this whole movie.
    Please let me know if i am still able to put up a casting call.
    thank you and have a good day.

  3. Marcia says:

    Hi Mark — I’m glad you like the concept! The deadline has passed on the casting call. However, you can still participate in the other ways as noted above.


  4. Riccardo Milanesi says:

    Hi, I’m Riccardo Milanesi, I’m a writer/director from Milan, Italy.
    In Italy, in December 2010, we produced the first horror social webseries called L’Altra (The Other), the first developed to be watched on Facebook. It is a supernatural thriller and not only it was posted on FB, it used every communication option provided by the social network to generate a total interaction with the viewers.
    The story was narrated through video, comments, and pictures posted on the Martina’s profile.
    The viewers had the chance to just watch the series or participate to it, communicating with each other or directly with Martina.
    The Other won the Best Actress award for interactive drama at Los Angeles WebSeries Festival 2011

    On December 23, right before Christmas break, Martina Dego, a senior high school Italian student, finds herself locked in the school library. The only way to communicate with the rest of the world is through a computer in the room. Using the computer web-camera, Martina shoots a rescue-me video and posts it on her Facebook. But no one seems to believe her…

    Facebook (Martina’s page):
    Web site:

  5. Elyonn says:

    Hello, I woul like to know, if there’s still a chance to see this movie, since all the videos on youtube were made private.

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