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The Intel® 4004 Microprocessor Turns the big 4-0!!

Happy Birthday! 40 Years of Intel Microprocessor Innovation!
Steve Jobs talks about wanting one in his autobiography and this technology jewel was birthed at Intel back in November of 1971. It has come a long way baby! It was born 10 years before the PC and now the current Intel® Core™ processor has 43,000,000% more transistors than the 4004 processor.

What is a microprocessor?? It is known as a CPU, Central Processing Unit, the brains of the all computers and many other devices. The 4004 was used for basic mathematical operations on a calculator. Now 40 years later, microprocessors have become faster and more powerful, yet smaller and more affordable. More good news, Intel is building these in a susatainable manner with the careful management of energy consumption, air emmissions and resource conservation.

From Sand to Ignot (no this is not a Dr. Suess book title) – it all starts with sand! This to me is so baffling, sand has the highest percentage of silicon, they key ingredient to semiconductor manufacturing, once purified it turns into a mono crystal, or “ignot,” from there it goes to wafer status. And that is how far I’ll go to explain this process, I’m scaring myself. But it starts with sand.

Fun PC Facts
• The speed of the first processor compared to today’s is like comparing the speed of a snail with the speed of a Kenyan runner.
• The die of the 4004 processor had 2,300 today the current 2nd gen Intel® Core™ processor has almost one billion transistors
• Compared to Intel’s first microprocessor, the 4004, Intel’s current 32nm CPU runs almost 5000 times faster and each transistor uses about 5000 times less energy
• One million PRC were shipped everyday during 2010
• Forrester predicts that by 2015 there will be 2.25 billion PCs in the world.

What has the PC done for me??

I have been able to connect with family and friends in ways I never once thought possible. Remember it started with all the emails and jokes one would receive in the late 1990’s over email, now it’s logging into Facebook. The productivity at work, wifi — the ability now to work anymore, anytime, and stay connected!
(Well not always a good thing)! The PC has brought us all together with a vision of connecting the world in a way never done before in history. Now that’s innovation, thanks Intel! Happy Birthday 4004! Visit www.intel.com/40thanniversary

What has the PC done for you?

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