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The Intel Developer Forum comes to Shenzhen!


idf-shenzhen-communities-top-view-16x9This week the Intel Developer’s Forum (IDF) comes to Shenzhen!  As its name suggests, IDF is an event focused on product development based on Intel technology.  Technical sessions, press events, demonstration kiosks, and the UX Zone give developers plenty of opportunity to learn everything they need to know about Intel’s latest and greatest innovations. Intel holds two or three IDF events each year in order to allow developers from all over the world to come together.  Holding IDF in Shenzhen demonstrates the importance Intel places on the product developers based in and around China.  Everything from wireless charging, to RealSense 3D, to the latest in voice recognition solutions will be there to see and try.

Recently, one of Intel’s key focus areas has been the evolution and enhancement of the user experience, aka “UX”, and IDF Shenzhen continues that focus with interactive demonstrations of Intel’s newest and best UX innovations.  Attendees will be able to walk through real world vignettes that clearly show the impact Intel’s No Wires vision will have in the near future.  They’ll get to see and try Intel’s vastly improved Wireless Display (WiDi) technology, the first to market wireless 4K solution. They’ll see the real world benefits of Intel’s wireless charging solution, based on the A4WP standard. Intel’s RealSense technology, something that must be experienced to be believed, will be there to show off its amazing potential and give attendees a taste of the power of 3D camera technology.

Each of these technologies has the potential to enhance and improve the lives of users everywhere, and Intel wants developers to experience them for themselves to spark new ideas and innovative ways to incorporate them into exciting new products.

So get ready, because this week the future is in Shenzhen, and Intel is bringing it!


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Jason is the UX Marketing Communications Specialist for the Intel Experiences Group. Jason is a profilic techology writer and reviewer and has developed a substantial following in the online community. He is most well known for his regular blogs about the Intel Next Unit of Computing. Jason's passion is new technology, and he strives to help Intel change the world through it's innovative products. He writes regularly about Intel's newest designs and ideas.

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