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The Ultrabook™ Project has launched!

I got a feeling…woo hoo…..that the Ultrabook™ is off the hook!

Wow this is the coolest site I have ever seen!  The Ultrabook Project, check it out: www.intel.com/ultrabookproject

Forget Where in the World is Matt Lauer and let’s follow along on an incredible journey with Intel’s Director of Creative Innovation, will.i.am as he travels the world with an Ultrabook™.  In each city he will create custom online experiences for people to follow, inspired by the sights, sounds and overall culture of that city. Fans can go visit the website and follow will.i.am; see what he sees and experiences and ultimately stream or download a custom song created by will.i.am.

I am personally excited to see this site because I was able to travel out to Tokyo a few weeks ago and truly see how inspiring Tokyo is with its people, food and even visit Sendai where so much devastation took place, yet so much optimisn and unity with the young people in Sendai we visited.

Hurry and visit us at intel.com/ultrabookproject to check out all the cool conetnt. And will.i.am–  he’s just cool!

Please check out the website and let me know what you think is cool about it?

Eva Levin

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Eva Rodriguez Levin has worked at Intel for over 15 years, her passion lies with managing projects, people, the creative side and product launches. She has worked in several different positions including trade show and events, executive speakership program, PR, consumer product marketing, corporate diversity and web marketing. Currently Eva works on the Intel Digital Marketing team managing the consumer campaigns, gaming and managing the editorial calendar for the Inside Scoop blog. Eva holds a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon. In her spare time she likes to root for her University of Oregon Ducks, exercise, cook and enjoy family time.

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