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The Intel Core i5 Processor – what’s in your gaming PC?

ci5_78x59.gifIf you’ve been waiting for the Core i5 Processor – then wait no longer! This CPU was just released and the reviews look pretty darned amazing!

The newest Core i5 45nm chips give you multi-threaded performance for faster multi-tasking, digital media creation, and gaming – and they’re priced just right!

Socket 1156 is born! Here are the new chips that fit the new socket!

  • Core i7 870 2.93 GHz; 4 cores & 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache
  • Core i7 860 2.8 GHz; 4 cores & 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache
  • Core i5 570 2.66 GHz; 4 cores & 8 MB Intel® Smart Cache

And don’t forget to snag a new P55 based motherboard to match up to your new gaming processor!

Who’s planning to build one of these guys? This is definitely my current recommendation for those who wish to build a gaming rig on a budget – bang for the buck!


Todd Christ

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Todd Christ is a Senior Systems Engineer for Intel and contributes as a PC enthusiast for "Inside Scoop." He has worked in the computer industry since the early '90s and has been with Intel for over 16 years. His current position is based around evaluating end-user experiences with Intel Architecture based products with Fortune 50 companies. His passion both inside and outside of work is computing, whether you're dealing with handhelds or servers - if you can use it, he's most likely had one or juggled a few machines over time. Todd grew up on the East Coast, but has been in NorCal since his career started at Intel. You may find "Toadster" active in several online-community venues; you'll find his stuff on Intel Communities, and various other 3rd party forums, some for work - and some for play. He is a believer in the social community whether it's social, gaming, blogging, forum-related or person-to-person. He is a 'real' gamer, so bring your l337 SkillZ or be prepared to be pwned. You can tweet/ joke/ befriend/game with Todd on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Steam as well.

7 Responses to The Intel Core i5 Processor – what’s in your gaming PC?

  1. If it’s a PC, we can probably buy now. But in case of a gaming laptop, it’s better to wait for a few months. Superspeed USB 3.0 is on the way. Let’s give its due respect by thinking twice before buying a hardware that does not support it.

  2. Todd Christ says:

    Yep – these are PC (desktop) parts, and the next mobile release is a few months out. With each new platform release, new technologies are released along with them. I agree USB 3 will be stellar, another step up in the digital world – but until then, I’ll be gaming along… thanks for reading!

  3. Todd Christ says:

    Hi Mike – socket 1366 is still available and alive, it’s been around since ~November 2008, and that’s what I’m currently runnning in my own personal computer at home. Think of socket 1156 as more of a replacement to the Socket-775 class processors. The socket 1156 parts don’t have HyperThreading and use dual-channel on the P55 chipset, instead of tri-channel memory configurations found in the Extreme X58 chipset.
    Thanks for reading!