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Top 20 Text Abbreviations You Should Know

Texting AbbreviationsIn the last post we talked about the Technology Generation Gap and how using new technology isn’t always easy for the older generation to adapt to. Well, there is even more bad news for parents and grandparents who are trying to keep up because there’s one very popular technology that comes with its own language.


More people use text messaging to communicate then ever before. You can’t go anywhere (a bus, a restaurant, a meeting…anywhere) without seeing someone staring down at their phone frantically two-thumb typing away.

In order to save on typing out every single word, a new shorthand language has developed. There are single letters, number and symbols (b=be, 2=to, @=at). You can use by themselves, in combination with other letters (called logograms like, b4=before, 2day=today) or you can use pictograms ( :-)=smile, ;-)=wink, :-@=scream) to represent words.

There are thousands of these new text abbreviations being used and created every single day. Here are 20 to get you started:

^5 – High Five

YSK – You Should Know

YBS – You’ll Be Sorry

WOTAM  – Waste Of Time And Money

WOG – Wise Old Guy

TY – Thank You

TISC – This Is So Cool

TISL – This Is So Lame

TAW – Teachers Are Watching

RUNTS – Are You Nuts?

OTOH – On The Other Hand

I 1-D-R – I Wonder

FOMCL – Falling Off My Chair Laughing

DUNA – Don’t Use No Acronyms

COS – Change Of Subject

AYOR – At Your Own Risk

303 – Mom

143 – I love you

1432 – I Love You Too

*$ – Starbucks


Which of these do you think will make it into our everyday language?





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