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Top Ten Observations at Coachella 2011

Creators Project Coachella 2011

10. Everyone that was supposed to be in Vegas this weekend was at Coachella

9. Apparently I missed the dress code memo of tutu’s and fish net stockings

8. VIP section rocked, gave us an opportunity to view the amazing tattoos up closely

7. The gyms in LA must have been empty

6. You missed my Facebook postings, since I was competing with 80K people

5. An air conditioned portal potty, REALLY is a beautiful thing

4. Why ask why…..someone would be dressed as a banana??

3. My Google maps is pre-disposed to DelTaco (long story)

2. $9 pizza, $12 cocktail, $10 beer…chit chatting with Usher priceless!!

1. The Creator’s project completely ROCKED, so visually smart!

Party on Wayne, party on Garth! Those are the persona’s my coworker Martha and I took on as we ventured into the Coachella desert storm. Feeling a bit under-dressed, since we saw the full spectrum of costume – feathers, butterfly wings, bunny ears, devil ears, YMCA Village People attire, Tigger outfits and I swear we saw Freddie Mercury reincarnated.  There were a handful of celebrity sightings. As I stood in line for some Italian sausage the person in front me ordered only “sausage and onions!” I commented “Oh on the Atkins diet?” when the server exclaimed “Can I take your picture?” At that point I realized it was David Arquette (and, yes, for those wondering, he was just sipping on soda). Other coworkers sighted the Hiltons, Rhianna, Usher and it was rumored Paul McCartney and Ringo where there.

Coachella 2011 Stage

What’s Intel doing at Choachella?

As part of the Creator’s Project, a joint partnership with Intel and Vice, this project has brought a new dimension to the Coachella yearly festival. A more technological, visually stimulating presence; specifically, the Creator’s Project aims to bring the artists, musicians and filmmakers together at Coachella to strut their creative stuff. The Creator’s Project helped these communities to create groundbreaking visual experiences, ie – “cool rockin stage, with awesome sound and killer visuals.” In speaking to many attendees, they felt this year’s stage presence topped anything in the past!

Party on Wayne! 

Schwing. Check out the Coachella 2011 light show video and Coachella 2011 photos.

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