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Ultrabook and Workplace Trends: Future Jobs and Flexibility

According to the Sodexo 2012 Workplace Trends Report, when you’re working this year, chances are you’ll spend some time doing so away from the office, as the report indicates that enabling a virtual workforce and creating flexible workplaces are two of the 2012 job trends. With new technology and these innovative workplace trends, it will be easier than ever to work from home.

However, you just might choose to work from a coffee house or a beach house if you have a sleek new UltrabookTM because of how responsive and portable they are. Check out the Ultrabook showcase with features and specs.

Intel and Flexible Workplaces

Here at Intel, I am continually impressed at how the IT teams keep making it easier for employees to bring their own computing devices to work. If you could bring your own Ultrabook to work, would you? I know I’d consider it.

When I first started with Intel, it surprised me to see and be a be able to use all of the flexible work locations the building design teams had created for employees.

I can choose to work at…Intel Mobile Workstation

  • a huge work table in a common area, near a big screen TV with 24 hour news programming
  • from a couch or arm chair, similar to what might be in your living room;
  • from a private phone booth with work table if I need a little privacy for a call;
  • a cafe table similar to what you’d see in a coffee house;
  • a traditional desk with a monitor and phone;
  • a work table along the floor to ceiling windows if I want a nice view

With so many choices, the hardest decision is deciding where to work each day!

In case you’re curious, below are all of the workplace trends in the Sodexo 2012 Workplace Trends Report:

1.  Integration of Workplace Solutions: Creating Higher Value
2.  Workplaces That Promote Sustainability
3.  Inclusive Workplaces
4.  It’s All About Me: Rewards and Recognition
5.  Virtual Workforces
6.  The Built Environment as a Driver of Employee Engagement
7.  Evidence-based Space Design
8.  Quantifiable Employee Health and Wellness Initiatives
9.  Psychological Health in the Workplace
10. Flexible Workplaces

What workplace trend do you find most important or appealing? What trends do you think will grow most quickly? Is there a trend you think is missing from the list?

Marcia Hansen

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