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Ultrabook: On the Move with Footware Designer Sung Choi

Sung Choi Ultrabook shoe design

Designer and Clae founder, Sung Choi travels between Tokyo, Saigon and LA to develop and source fabric for his footwear business. His has a truly mobile lifestyle and his compact and lightweight Ultrabook plays a pivotal role between engineering, design and letting his business keep up with him on the go — not to mention the occasional movie to pass the time on his numerous flights. Check out the video of Sung Choi and the Intel-Inspired Ultrabook™

Today, the name Clae is well-known name in the footwear industry, but where did it all start? It started with a simple decision; Sung Choi decided that he didn’t want to wear his dad’s leather bottom shoes or the latest limited retro look-at-me sneakers. So, he did something about it. Choi established Clae shoe, a brand new approach to footwear. Clae is all about modernizing the classic casual silhouettes and merging them with the comforts of athletic footwear.

Sung Choi Ultrabook people mover

Clae – A Lifestyle Shoe Brand

Choi finds his inspiration for his designs from everyday living and being engaged in his environment. His passion for art, culture, film, travel, and music continues to influence his designs. The Ultrabook allows him to see what his new ideas look like without having to build the shoe. Because of this, and the freedom the Ultrabook gives him to work anywhere in the world, Choi considers it an essential tool for his work.

Sung Choi was born in Seoul, Korea, and raised in New York City. It was during his years in New York that he gained his “footwear” experience by witnessing firsthand the evolution of the sneaker as it moved from the playground to everyday wear. In the 90s, he moved to California where joined the design team of DC Shoes. It was there that he honed his craft until, in 2001, he went out on his own and launched Clae footwear.

Ultra Responsive. Ultra Sleek. Ultrabook – Inspired by Intel®

With an Ultrabook, you won’t sacrifice power for beauty with an optimal blend of the responsiveness and smart capabilities you expect and the portability and style you crave.

Always less than 1-inch thick and with longer battery life, you can use your Ultrabook all day long and not have to hunt for a power cord. An Ultrabook enables you to open the lid and start working in less than 7 seconds.

Experience the joy of performance that keeps up with you as you create, explore, and enjoy what interests you most.

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