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Ultrabook Project: Top 9 Fun Facts about Traveling with in Mexico City

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Traveling the globe with is an adventure to say the least. So, we asked the production team who traveled with him to share some fun facts that they found interesting about the trip. Check out the list below.

1. Before the first course at the Hotel Condesa DF restaurant, the Intel team ordered appetizers of fried crickets and fried worms.

2. “Duck tacos were my favorite.” – Creative Agency Producer

3. and his entire posse were excited to receive their Ultrabooks, but it was DJ Poet who was so totally stoked that he left his old computer behind.

4. When Joan Sebastian entered the Lucha Libra stadium to meet for the first time, the crowd stood up and their cheers were deafening.

5. Traffic in Mexico City is the worst traffic in the world…worse than New York at rush hour. How bad is it? Traffic is so bad it’s common for CEOs to travel by helicopter to avoid it.

6. The quiet street artist Sego produced such dramatic incredible artwork

7. While visiting the Museo Soumaya, the team discovered that Salvador Dali did sculptures based on his famous paintings. A favorite was his melting clock. “Museo Soumaya was like walking through your art history book in college.” – Creative Agency Producer

8. was greeted by screaming fans wherever he went, and the schedule stays confidential until the last moment. The production crew called Club Ragga on Monday to see if could play on Tuesday night. Even though the club is normally closed on Tuesdays, a mere 24 hours later, Club Raga was filled to capacity with hundreds more lined up outside wanting to get in.

9. is very personable and appreciative of his fans. Most times, he will stop and sign autographs or offers up a fist bump with fans.

Ever been to Mexico City? Please share your thoughts with us below. and the Ultrabook Project still have many cities discover. Where would you like to see him go next?

What would you like to know about will, his crew and his music?

Let us know and maybe it will make the next list.

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  1. Mariana Ortiz says:

    Hi Marcia H. & Intel! well first I wanna say you hello, and I think that the ultrabook proyect is great, I really loved ur posted about the Will’s visit in mexico, I was in every place that he was, I am a great fan of him, I’m his fan number one, I’m so exiting with this proyect , I was in the place that he give a dj set & Sego painted the graffiti, was amazing, but I can’t found much photos of the dj set in this place, or when Will was painting with Dj poet, I hope you can add more photos or videos please, thank you very much!!

    congratulations for your proyect! I already get an Ultrabook :D