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Useful and Fun Applications in Linux Ubuntu on Ultrabook

Ubuntu Linux on Ultrabook

In my last post, I showed you How to Install Linux Ubuntu on an UltrabookTM. In this post, I will explain several useful applications you can use in Ubuntu.

Go to “Applications” and choose the following:

1)      Banshee Media Player — It can be used to play video, audio etc

Banshee Media Player












2)      Evolution Mail and Calendar – use this application to send and receive email, set up appointments and calendar prompts, as well as contact information management, etc.

Evolution Mail and Calendar












Previously I had some opportunities to contribute my technical effort on Linux open source applications – Evolution. Personally I’d like to introduce the URL – It records some of my contributions to Linux Evolution upstream.  When I try the Evolution in Ubuntu, I am very proud of it. -:)


3)      Mahjong — Originally Mahjong was just a popular game in China, but now it seems like it is popular in the world. In Ubuntu, it has this game in English and many other languages.

Linux Mahjong on Ultrabook










4)      Firefox – I browse below URL and find something interesting.

“about:mozilla” – Look, it shows some funny content.

book of mozilla


“about:robots” – It shows the message from robots to humans -:)

welcome humans

5) Terminal – with Terminal, I can run many Linux commands here.

Xeyes – The lovely eyes will follow my mouse point.

Xeyes on Ubuntu on Ultrabook












apt-get moo – It draws a bull with moo -:)

apt-get moo












I am very happy to see the Asus UX31 Ultrabook can be used to play so many useful and interesting applications in Ubuntu Linux operating system.

At the user experience level, I can do almost all the things I want to do in Linux on Ultrabook. And the features are easy to use because the experience is very much like applications in Windows.

Once I have installed Linux to the hard disk, I can have many fun experiences by installing many more free applications from Ubuntu Repo.

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