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Vidcon 2013: So You Want to be a YouTube Star

I love ComicCon!” shouted the dude as he ran while filming the long, gridlocked line outside the convention center. 

Except this was Vidcon, and the line was outside the Anaheim Convention Center.  Joking aside, you could be forgiven for confusing the two: Millennials, costumed cosplayers, abundant energy from fans and creators. 

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But ComicCon is still very grounded in the analog world (despite going all Hollywood, ink and paper still make up a lot of what makes ComicCon, well, ComicCon) and casts a wider age group net. Vidcon, on the other hand, is a digital native for digital natives (By Millenials For Millenials).  

Vidcon is what technology can do to unleash your creative potential … and maybe make you a YouTube star in the process.  YouTube celebs Corey Vidal, Alex Goot, Against the Current, Savannah Outen, and others stopped by the Intel booth at Vidcon to meet/greet and stand for pics with fans. 

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Intel was a sponsor of Vidcon, helping to bring YouTube celebs together with fans for meet-and-greets and photo op and sharing.  Attendees Tweeting #IntelTablets and @IntelUSA had the chance to win an Acer tablet.

Plus, every photo snapped and every hashtag contest entry meant a $1 donation for Girl Rising

Intel also sponsored the lounge where attendees could get hands-on with the Intel-powered Acer Iconia W3 Series, the world’s first 8″ Windows tablet.   Samsung Phone 161Samsung Phone 160




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 I guess it was serendipity that last week Fortune Magazine profiled some of the same people I saw at Vidcon, such as Nikki Limo, who moderated a panel discussion called  “Support Through Numbers: Collaborations.”  For Limo, “what separates YouTube from TV and film is the community aspect.”  That includes asking friends for help in your channel launch, and doing as many videos as you can.   “Is it fun, are they fun? It doesn’t work if you’re just doing it for views,” a panelist said. 

For actors, comedians, writers, and directors trying to make it in the SoCal entertainment industry, YouTube is the new resume and headshot.  “What’s great about YouTube is you can prove it with content and an audience,” a panelist said. 

While the macro-themed “Creating a Hit Show on YouTube” panel drew a sold out/standing-in-the-hallway crowd, more esoteric content creation panels like Limo’s and “Shoot it Fast and Awesome” (where you could learn about double frame and “dirty” frame rates) drew far fewer.  Which implies that many would-be YouTube celebs are still working out the basics of the craft.  Or, like the man said, sometimes the best contribution you can make to show business is to be in the audience. 

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