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Visibly Smart: Intel Trucks

Intel Trucks


I think this photo of Intel trucks by Ryan Holst of Los Gatos, California is a wonderful example of visibly smart photos. It appeals to both sides of our brains — the creative and the analytical. With the creative, great visual, we enjoy the composition and the way he’s framed the shot, as well as the brilliant blue in the trucks and the sky. With the mountains, palm trees, and red/orange from the sun I think of new possibilities and the innovative technologies the trucks are carrying. Plus, with the composition at ground level with the trucks, I think about how powerful the trucks are and how it matches well with the power of the processors I imagine the trucks are carrying.

On the technical side, I consider all the details that went into capturing a great shot like this one. First would be the technology, including the camera used, HDR and the various settings. Then, as well as the set-up and planning that went into the planning process.

Photo Credit: Ryan Holst


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