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Visibly Smart Tour: 27 days, 4 Cities, and Butts in Seats

“Butts in seats” is car salesperson lingo for customer test drives. Translation: You as a customer can do all the research in the world and go kick tires in a dealer lot, but it’s when you get behind the wheel (when your butt is in the car seat) that the light bulb of understanding truly goes off and you’re able to appreciate features.

There are studies indicating people value their computers now more than their cars, but the importance of the test drive applies to both cars and computers. We have blogs, websites, product reviews, benchmark studies, demo videos and the like to educate us on new technology … but few things trump getting hands-on with it. Whether you’re an IT professional or mainstream consumer buyer, the hands-on demo matters. Technology right here, right now, right in front of you.

The Intel “visibly smart tour” that we recently launched from Intel offices in Toronto (bon voyage!) is now criss-crossing Canada. It’s all about butts in seats with 2nd Generation Intel Core processors.

Two vans are reaching audiences in Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver till early September with the chance to test drive the latest systems and features. Users can get a sense of “visibly smart” performance by getting hands on with …

Intel Quick Synch Video: Edit and share videos in a flash
Shoot a short HD video clip inside the tour truck, convert for posting to a social media site, and see how this feature allows you to complete in minutes what used to take hours.

Intel Wireless Display (WiDi): Your PC on TV
Play a digital copy of a hit movie, click on the widget and wirelessly stream onto a large LCD screen. Learn how simple it is to attach the adapter to the TV.

Responsive, adaptive performance: Play a short video game, experience the difference.

Hands-on demos put our fans in charge of their experience, and they’re responding at each visibly smart tour stop. Comments on the Intel Canada Facebook page include:

“Bought intel core i5 yesterday, back to the intel van in calgary to learn more about my new laptop”

“We are in the Intel Van in Calgary showing off our exciting two intel i3 purchases!!!!”

“Just saw the Intel Van on Stephen Avenue in downtown Calgary! I love the WiDi! I WANT!”

If you visited the tour, share your experience here or on the Intel Canada Facebook page. Even if you can’t visit the visibly smart tour yourself, go take some strange new technology for a test drive. Put your butt in the seat and tell us: What cool new hardware have you demo’d recently?

To see more audience submitted messages and photos, visit the Intel Canada Facebook page.

See Visibly Smart Tour locations and dates.

Kevin E. Patterson

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Kevin is a consumer campaign manager in Intel Americas, creating integrated marketing programs for technologies beyond the PC and for techsetter audiences. His campaigns have included broadcast TV, digital signage, and online media. In his 12 years with Intel he has been an enterprise campaign manager, founding an IT community with members in over 160 countries. That community is now known as the Intel IT Center, which earned him an Intel Marketing Excellence Award. He also co-created/piloted a measurement for online advertising which earned a 2011 ARF Ogilvy Award, also now deployed globally. Previously, he worked at marketing agencies for clients such as The World Bank, Lexus, GE, and Ford. He has a Master's Degree in English Lit and is a comic book geek.

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