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Weekend Gaming – Saving Universes

DC Universe Online

It’s Friday, and the weekend is almost here again!

This weekend I will be starting two MMORPGs – DC Universe Online and Rift. I’ve played several MMO games in the past, though the only one I’ve spent a significant amount of time with is World of Warcraft. I am really looking forward to trying these games, though, as I’ve heard some great things about both. I will be starting with DC Universe, since I’m familiar with the characters already – I believe that I have the option of either being a hero or a villain, but in these types of games I always play a hero. It’s hard for me to want to be evil, even if it is only virtually!

I’ve still been playing a lot of Rock Band 3, and my fretting fingers are well calloused at this point. I am getting better at chord switching, but still not fast enough to play songs at full speed. I just need to keep practicing!

How do you plan on spending your weekend?

Regina Wu

About Regina Wu

Regina Wu is a performance engineer in the Performance Benchmarking Group at Intel. She works on gaming performance testing; identifying and testing what gamers love and want for system performance. She is also a part of the world-renowned PMS Clan, where she is the division leader of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band division. She has competed in several high profile tournaments, such as the World Series of Video Games, Championship Gaming Series, World Cyber Games, and online leagues like CAL and CEVO.

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