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Weekend Gaming: Love is a Battlefield

Once again, the weekend is here. Battlefield 3 was released this week, and I have been playing it almost nonstop. There are three modes in the game – single player campaign, cooperative play and multiplayer. I have played a lot of the singleplayer campaign, but the multiplayer is what has kept me up late at night. In the multiplayer mode, the player can choose between playing as an assault, engineer, support or recon soldier – each class has its own unique abilities. The assault class is my personaly favorite, as I can act as a medic and both heal and revive my teammates.

The multiplayer component of this game supports up to 64 players on the PC (my platform of choice!), which can get pretty chaotic, but that’s a big component of what makes the game so fun. I gathered a small group of friends to play the game with me, and there is no greater thrill than working together as a team to accomplish an objective. There is a diverse set of roles that a player can fulfill on a team, from piloting a jet or helicopter to driving a tank to attacking on foot. I personally love getting into the tank, with one of my friends as an engineer fixing up the tank for me as I take damage. Traveling together as a squad helps keep some sanity amidst the hectic nature of the game.

I’m looking forward to spending more time with the game this weekend. What are you planning to play this weekend?

Regina Wu

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Regina Wu is a performance engineer in the Performance Benchmarking Group at Intel. She works on gaming performance testing; identifying and testing what gamers love and want for system performance. She is also a part of the world-renowned PMS Clan, where she is the division leader of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band division. She has competed in several high profile tournaments, such as the World Series of Video Games, Championship Gaming Series, World Cyber Games, and online leagues like CAL and CEVO.

2 Responses to Weekend Gaming: Love is a Battlefield

  1. JSC says:

    Wow … Finally, Battlefield 3)))) I’ve has long waited this game) I played in the previous series Battlefield and never been disappointed. At this time I was in a special delight! The updated engine, improved graphics and many other improvements … I played the beta BF3. It’s delicious! Good luck!

  2. Sampson Scoble says:

    The retail version of Battlefield 3 will not work on any PC with the Intel HD graphics card. This blog post implies that it does. I’ll be sueing Intel if I can’t get my money back from the store from which I purchase the game.

    How differcult is it for EA and Intel to work together to resolve this, but many of the latest games are reportedly not working on Intel HD graphics cards – just Google…

    Another very disappointed customer, I shall not be pruchasing a system with any Intel hardware again.