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Weekend Gaming – So Much Skyrim!

Another week gone and another weekend coming up! Like millions of other gamers, I have gotten myself sucked into the world of Skyrim. Since the game launched last Friday, I have clocked over 40 hours in the world, but my adventure is still only just starting.

If you haven’t heard of the game before, it falls into a genre known as a Role-Playing Game. You create a character and set off on adventures and quests which give your character experience points – with enough experience points your character gains a level and you can boost your statistics. Higher statistics mean you can complete more dangerous quests. The Elder Scrolls series of games are known for creating vast fantasy worlds where a player not only has an intricate primary story to follow, but is offered a multitude of side quests that branch into their own stories. There is a very rich lore to the world of Skyrim, though you need not have played any of the previous games to enjoy this one.

Traversing the World
The game is looking gorgeous on my PC – as I continue to wander through the world, I am taken aback at some of the beautiful scenes I witness. Snowy mountains, lush fields, gloomy caves and bustling towns – at nighttime you can even see the northern lights appear in the sky.

I chose a female Nord as my character and I have been developing my Destruction magic spells. My weapon of choice? A deadly firebolt. If I’m unable to cast the spell, I rely on a Dwarven bow and several types of arrows, depending on the situation. I’ve also purchased a home in the starting town of Whiterun and decorated it so that I have a nice place to rest as well as a place to store the items I gather in my adventures.

My Home in Whiterun
Table settings

The amount of areas to explore and creatures that inhabit the world really add to the feeling that you are in another world. Aside from humans, there are elves, orcs, cat-like people called Khajit or even lizard-like people called Argonians. Among the wildlife are elk, deer, bear, rabbits and a number of fish – and the farms have all sorts of crops like cabbages, carrots, potatoes and leeks. Skyrim has many perilous creatures that will attack you on sight – bandits, humans from other factions, rogue mages, giant spiders and even dragons.

A dragon flying overhead

If you can’t tell, I am really enjoying this game and I plan to spend most of this weekend (like I did last weekend) playing it. Are you playing Skyrim too? If not, what are you planning to play this weekend?

Regina Wu

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Regina Wu is a performance engineer in the Performance Benchmarking Group at Intel. She works on gaming performance testing; identifying and testing what gamers love and want for system performance. She is also a part of the world-renowned PMS Clan, where she is the division leader of the Guitar Hero/Rock Band division. She has competed in several high profile tournaments, such as the World Series of Video Games, Championship Gaming Series, World Cyber Games, and online leagues like CAL and CEVO.

6 Responses to Weekend Gaming – So Much Skyrim!

  1. Chris says:

    I was recently contacted about an internship position at Intel in server microprocessor design, so I thought I’d do some research about what the culture is like at Intel. I’m loving what I’m hearing!! I don’t even want to say how much time I put into Oblivion, but Skyrim I’ve put in only 15 hours (my academics keep me busy). There are so many quirks that I ‘m discovering (this time around you can become a werewolf!). You must love your job! Anyway, I really enjoyed this blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Regina says:

      We have a lot of gamers here at Intel – there’s actually a whole organization within the company that organizes gaming events called “Intel LANfest” – here is the link to the website:
      I do love my job, working at Intel has provided a lot of opportunity to explore the things I am truly passionate about. I hope you look into the internship – I did an internship with Intel back in 2002 and it was a fantastic experience that turned into my full time job.

    • Regina says:

      Oh wow, you remember me from Gamespot? What was your username back then? I still read the site, though I’m a bit busy now to actually peruse the forums regularly…

      • Mohammed says:

        I seriously don’t remember what it was, since it’s been ages since I last visited, and that stuff’s probably buried in my old, discarded email.

        More of a 1up/gamespite/neogaf regular nowadays.

  2. barbie says:

    Well, screens look great, I want to try this platform for myself. Can I use a dell laptop for that? without dedicated video card?