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What is a Mobile Internet Device?

For those of you who have not heard what  Mobile Internet Device (MID) is, I thought I would take the time to describe how you stay “connected” is about to change.

A mobile internet device can be described as something that is smaller than your notebook PC, but a little larger than a smartphone. The screen size on a MID is around 4″-6″, and allows you to connect to the internet wherever you go, depending on your internet connection. Not only that, you can stay entertained by watching videos, sharing pictures…and check out your friend’s latest profile on your social networking site.

And why would you need such a device? I have heard this many, many times: “My phone already does everything I need! And it fits in my pocket!”

Well, actually it does not…have you ever tried going to YouTube on
your smartphone (and have the content be the same as on your PC?) What
about trying to send an e-card to your mom for her Birthday? If you’re
a sports fan, what about checking the latest replay from ESPN 360?
Have you ever been out shopping and just wanted to run home to your
laptop to do some more comparison shopping? Wouldn’t it be great to do
that on-the-go? These are just a few examples of the things that MIDs
can do, but most communication devices today cannot.

As web content becomes richer and the user becomes more and more mobile
and dependent on connected content, the need for Mobile Internet
Devices is clear…. check these out.


3 Responses to What is a Mobile Internet Device?

  1. Rama Vohra says:

    Hi Chris,
    Thanks for your response! The images here are of concept MIDs… being part of Intel and all, I can’t be partial to any one device :)
    To answer your question, the Clarion device, which is a connected navigation device, has been announced to ship in the US in the November time frame (Please refer to this article: http://www.slashgear.com/clarion-mind-gps-mid-gets-650-november-release-3g-coming-spring-2009-2617523)
    Several MIDs are already shipping worldwide, such as the most recently announced BenQ device on the TIM network in Italy (See article here: http://benq.com/press/News.cfm?id=2327&cat=0). There are also devices shipping from companies such as Sharp, Lenovo and Aigo.
    And when will THESE devices come to the US? As with many technology devices, these will ship in their native countries first and migrate to other geographies…so keep your eyes open so that you can buy your first MID!

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