Nicole Nash

'What About Me?' An Infographic of Your Social Media Life

If you’re into social media or even just new forms of information, you’ve probably seen your fair share of infographics… there’s even a App for that.  But have you ever asked yourself – “What about me?”  What could my personal infographic look like?  Well, this past week Intel launched a permission-based digital tool that captures a snapshot of your social media life. 

The infographic colorfully displays what topic you chat about most on your social networks (The Stories I Tell), You’re most popular update (Friend Fave) and most popular pic (Swoonworthy),whether you’re creating, finding, or liking social media content (Made It – Fount It – Liked It), Your social media “mood” (My mood),  top social media connections (My Connections), and some of your latest posts (What I’m tallking About Now).  Take a peek at part of my personal inforgraphic to see what it looks like.   


Still looking for more info on ‘What About Me’?  – checkout the video below and then head to to try it out and share with your social network.

 Have fun!!

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