Annie Frost

Where do you want the Internet?

On CNN this morning, there’s an article about Nettops, another internet device powered by the Intel Atom processor.  In my previous posts, I’ve talked about wanting a stylish little netbook – to carry around in my purse.  But now, I’m kinda starting to think that I want a nettop on my kitchen counter too.  True, I could use the netbook in the kitchen, but I kinda like the idea of having an unmoveable internet device on my countertop.  It could be the recipe organizer and family calendar and it wouldn’t get lost in the house!  I surfed around a little bit and found a touchscreen version of the nettop that would fit the bill just perfectly on

Today, as I travel through my day, I’m just thinking to myself – if
the internet was here, what else could I do?  How would the experience
change?  What ideas do you have?

To help spur some thoughts, consider some of Intel’s forays into infotainment devices, media phones, eco-technologies and other industrial-strength applications (see full list of intriguing applications here).

We’re headed into the time of Ubiquitous Internet…  how amazing is it that the world wide web as we know it today was born only 20 years ago…  I love this stuff!

2 Responses to Where do you want the Internet?

  1. Dex says:

    I remember a Scientific American article a few years back talking about augmented reality. Everyone would wear internet enabled glasses that could download data from and visually overlay information and graphics to enhance what you were seeing in real life. Getting closer and closer!