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Why I Like Dropbox

I like Dropbox. There, that’s all you need know. Actually, I’d like to explain why I think DropBox and similar Cloud applications are driving innovative computer applications.

Dropbox is a cloud based storage application.What this means is that you can store files in Dropbox that you previously only saved on your hard drive.

Dropbox is simple to install and keeps directories synchronized across multiple computer platforms. The first thing I did after installing Dropbox was dump all my favorite pictures in my Dropbox directory. Now I can view them on my smart phone, my laptop and tablet. You just need a good internet connection to do so.

Dropbox just works.

Plus, it’s free for storage up to 2GB. That’s a lot. Well, for people who take a lot of pictures, they might need more space. And, you want to remember that it does not work for movies as the file size limit is 150MB.

When you copy a lot of files into your Dropbox it may take a while to upload and download them. But, Dropbox displays which files are synchronized while it is working.

The privacy and security of my private data is important. I like to also use Dropbox for working on my personal software projects or my wife’s resume. It’s nice to be able to read or work on these from any computer I happen to be sitting near. But I don’t really want these leaked to the world. Dropbox has sufficient security in transferring files and securing the files on its servers. The company must, of course, give up your password when legally required to do so.

While Dropbox is not the only Cloud storage product, it is becoming the favorite of application developers.

I like to record audio with my iPhone, and the iTalk recording app is now Dropbox enabled. Instead of emailing the file, iTalk will put it in my Dropbox and now it’s available everywhere. PlainText does the same for text files.

Cloud enabled applications are a necessary part of the compute continuum.

Dropbox is an excellent example of this. Try it.

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About Brian Gunnison

Brian Gunnison is a software developer with the media content protection team at Intel. In the past he has developed hardware and software for diverse products ranging from robotics to medical equipment. Brian has been at Intel for over two years and his passion is learning about complex systems so he can provide innovative solutions for consumer products in the entertainment area. In Brian’s spare time he plays computer games (Skyrim level 40), enters programming contests (Google AI challenge) and plays guitar. Brian is also an avid reader having just finished the biographies of Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) and Steve Jobs. Brian grew up in Silicon Valley and currently resides in Nevada City California.

One Response to Why I Like Dropbox

  1. rp says:

    Nice. I like dropbox too. It is not the first cloud-based storage but definitely it is on fast-lane towards popularity. One thought has always been running through in my head. The security. Firstly, does dropbox use a secure or encrypted transfer over IP? Also, does dropbox ensure the files aren’t infected, while on their server? Are you aware of any of these?

    PS: Your compute continuum link is broken! :)