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Windows 8 and Fedora 16 Experience on Ultrabook

In my previous blogs, I tried two different operating systems: Windows 7 and Ubuntu on Ultrabook.  These 2 operation systems already show a cool UI design, user experience as well as marvelous applications.

I’m curious if there is any other different experience from other operation systems? The answer is Yes. I want to test both Windows 8 and another Linux distribution – Fedora 16

1. Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Windows 8 has not been officially released yet, but Windows 8 Consumer Preview ISO files (.iso) are provided as an alternative to using Windows 8 Consumer Preview Setup.

I download Windows 8 ISO files, the 64 bits English with its Product Key. Then I burned the files onto DVD.

In addition to the English version, currently the consumer preview image supports – Chinese (Simplified) , French, German and Japanese.

After installation and boot on Asus Ultrabook, it shows novel Metro UI design in Windows  8.

Windows 8 Metro

 Does it look like something you’ve ever seen before? It’s a completely different user experience.

When clicking the big button in the Metro UI, it will go to different windows component with Metro UI experience, such as Messaging


Windows 8 Messaging


The Metro UI is designed for a tablet experience, and it is a new interface for Windows. When I tried it on the Ultrabook by mouse and touch pad, it makes me wonder what will be possible with touch screens in the future. From looking at this design, I think there must be different, interesting human-computer interaction applications in the future, such as new fun games, new web experiences, new media play method etc.

You may try more if you are interested in exploring it further.


2. Fedora 16

Compared with debian base Ubuntu, Fedora is rpm base Linux that has different window management and UI design from Ubuntu.

You can download the latest Fedora16 and burn it to DVD.

After booting it on an Ultrabook, below is a screenshot of the desktop.


Fedora 16 Desktop

 It looks like exploration on benthal, and I think it is very unique.

I try from “Activities” etc, it lists many of useful applications, like Evolution (Mail), Cheese (Camera) etc

I also test the operating system by running  some tools:

  • Glxgears – an OpenGL program that reports FPS (frames per second) numbers
  • System Monitor – list kernel, CPU, Memory etc

It is really wonderful there are so many options for operating systems, which allow different experiences. Even if some of them have similar base, like Windows 7 and Windows 8, Ubuntu & Fedora (Linux), they still let me experience different novel and creative design.

Do you have other operation systems that you want to try? Let me know.


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