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Women in the World – Intel Celebrates Education and Technology for Girls and Women

Today is International Women’s Day and this month is Women’s History Month.  There is a phenomenon I will call “technology gender gap” taking place globally in most developing countries. Here are a few interesting facts:

Women are estimated to be:

  •  25% or less of the Internet users in Africa*
  • 22% of the Internet users in Asia*
  • 38% of the Interenet users in Latin America*
  • 6% of the Internet in the Middle East*

Studies show that women face barriers with access to technologies around the world. The main reasons are lack of training or basic education, domestic obligations, high costs for equipment and lack of perception that women need the technology. Other factors that contribute to women having less access to technology are social norms that prioritize men in control of technologies.











Here is another startling fact, women perform 66% of the world’s work and produce 50% of the food – but earn 10% of the income and own 1% of the assets.*

Through innovation and social change some corporations are making a difference. This influence can provide economic opportunities for girls and women. Girls still continue to face many challenges with education and economic livelihoods; women in Asia and Africa do more unpaid work than men, in 2009 girls accounted for 53% of all out-of-school children globally.*

Today let’s celebrate education and technology for girls and women, just a little reflection and appreciation to share as we celebrate International Women’s Day.

Cheers to girls and women around the world, let’s raise our glass; share the education and technology love around the world,  and pass along the great  innovation opportunities to all girls and women around the globe! Intel celebrates many partnerships and events, including this weeks Women in the World in NYC, a summit centered on journalistic storytelling from inspiring women around the world, stories of the courageous and intelligent women who are battling the status quo in their countries.






Learn more at www.intel.com/shewill


 *Source: Intel White Paper – Innovation and Social Change for Girls and Women: Bridging the Gender and Technology Divide, UNICEF. “Gender Equality – The Big Picture.”

Eva Levin

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Eva Rodriguez Levin has worked at Intel for over 15 years, her passion lies with managing projects, people, the creative side and product launches. She has worked in several different positions including trade show and events, executive speakership program, PR, consumer product marketing, corporate diversity and web marketing. Currently Eva works on the Intel Digital Marketing team managing the consumer campaigns, gaming and managing the editorial calendar for the Inside Scoop blog. Eva holds a Journalism degree from the University of Oregon. In her spare time she likes to root for her University of Oregon Ducks, exercise, cook and enjoy family time.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Thank you to all Intel and all of the sponsors of this event! It just goes to show…we have a long way to go…sigh!